Anime Expo with Crane Camera Stabilizer, New Crane 4k Video Ocean Sunset

Anime Expo with the Crane Camera Stabilizer. We got to capture the epic cosplay and some good Star Wars music arranged for four piece brass. Featuring #s4x, Crane Camera Stabilizer, A7SII with Zeiss 16-35.

Available and shipping out 5 days a week, the amazing Zhiyun Crane from Gimbal Guru for $749.99. Pictured Crane with Sony A7SII 16-35 Zeiss Lens. The Crane is one of the most advanced camera stabilizers on the market with built in encoders for industry leading stability.

Make sure your camera is on tight and Watch that edge! The operator took no risks. Due to the length of the Crane being 16 inches long for some exceptional reach.

The Zhiyun Crane Kit from Gimbal Guru, starting at $749.99. Make sure to watch the video in 4K.

Make sure your camera is weather sealed before taking on the Ocean. Be careful with the Crane, it is not weather sealed.

The Zhiyun Crane Kit from Gimbal Guru, starting at $749.99. Learn more at

The Crane has advanced encoders, and a deep list of features that give a filmmaker the power to create a limitless range of professional camera movement. The Crane’s value and advanced features make it the one of the best camera stabilizer under $1000.

Advance Floating Point Algorithm.
Efficient Servo Control Algorithm.
Dual IMU Sensors.
Three 32-Bit Microcontrollers Parallel at 4 Kilohertz.
High Performance Automotive Encoders.
Compact Design, Fits in a Backpack.
6 hour battery life.
5-Way Analog Joystick.
Camera Control Interface (cable coming soon).
Tool-less Adjustments.
Wireless Control though mobile app iOS and Android.
Wireless Remote Control with optional remote.

Don’t forget that every stabilizer sold by Gimbal Guru is back by our one year one hundred percent customer and technical support. Our trained Gurus can be reached by email or phone for guidance. Gimbal Guru helping the dreams of filmmakers come to life.

Filming setup. Sony A7SII with 16-35 Zeiss. 4K at 24fps, and 1080 at 120fps.

Location Note: Sandy beach, friendly ocean, and lovely sunset.

Enjoy, Guru.