The Gimbal Bag - Backpack for Handheld Stabilizers and More

Gimbal Guru


Tired of balancing your stabilizer every time you take it out of a backpack?

Try the New Gimbal Bag!


The Gimbal Bag is the perfect backpack to store your single handheld stabilizer and camera. 
There are two Velcro straps inside the bag, one for the handle, and one for the camera lens.

Customize what’s inside the bag!


The dividers are removable. You can remove all the dividers and just use it as a normal backpack. 


Removable straps!

Adjustable straps to suit any body type.  




17 x 10.5 x 5.5 inches

One front pocket with zipper closure

Two velcro straps

Four removable pockets/cells/dividers

Removable shoulder straps

Zipper closure


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