Buster the WolfDog Part 2: IBIS stabilized footage vs Non IBIS stabilized footage

Part 2 of Buster the wolf dog!

Today's video is comparing the image quality differences between IBIS stabilized footage and non IBIS stabilized footage. Is there a difference? Yes, but further testing and reviewing footage is needed.No Post Stabilization. 100% straight out of the Sony A7Sii. No dolly used, just an imperfect squishy human running very hard and a friendly half wolf. 

Buster the Half Wolf is featured with IBIS ON 120 FPS Sony A7SII 16-35 Beholder EC1 Camera Stabilizer.  Test Footage B-Cam Sony A6300 on Zhiyun Crane. 



Special thanks to Buster for joining us in another video. We will make sure to throw some extra bacon his way. 


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