Capture Every Reflection with a Zhiyun Crane and A6300, Zhiyun Crane Video NX1

Capture every reflection with a Zhiyun Crane Camera Stabilizer and A6300. Featuring Zhiyun Crane and Sony A6300 with 16-50 kit lens.

Wanna see what the sunset looks like in 4K running up and down through ocean waves and sandy beach. Check out the Gimbal Guru Youtube Channel for our new 4K videos. Featuring Zhiyun Crane Camera Stabilizer, A7SII with Zeiss 16-35.

Available and shipping out 5 days a week, the amazing Zhiyun Crane from Gimbal Guru for $749.99. Pictured Crane with Sony A7SII 16-35 Zeiss Lens. The Crane is one of the most advanced camera stabilizers on the market with built in encoders for industry leading stability.

Zhiyun Crane Setup video in Korean. See how to balance a Samsung NX1 16-50. Video Credit 미라쥬. 레드.

Enjoy, Guru.