Film Shake Free Holiday Fun with MOZA Air and AirCross Gimbal with the Wireless Controller!

Film Shake Free Holiday Fun with MOZA Air and AirCross Gimbal with the Wireless Controller!

  MOZA Aircross is a great choice to grab and go to your next location thanks to its small, lightweight size! With a payload of 4lbs/1.8kg, it works with all mirrorless cameras and compact systems plus it features a 12 hour battery life! 


  Pair your MOZA Air or MOZA AirCross gimbal with the MOZA Wireless Controller for the ultimate creative control! The MOZA Wireless Controller allows a camera assistant to operate and control the gimbal from a distance of 50 meters. It gives an operator the combined power of the MOZA Assistant App along with physical controls over gimbal movement. With the thumb controller you can control camera movement, control pan, tilt, roll, focus, and gimbal settings.
  The Mimic mode uses the MOZA Wireless Controller's Gyro/ACC to communicate to the gimbal to mimic the movement of the operator holding the remote.


Check out this video that goes through how to use the mimic motion control feature using the MOZA Wireless Controller for MOZA AirCross and MOZA Air!


  MOZA AirCross works to save filmmakers time by offering a quick release plate that fits any quick release plate from 50.5mm to 55mm. This includes the Manfrotto and Arca plates, meaning that a user can easily switch their camera on and off the gimbal quickly without having to rebalance it every time. Spend more time filming and less time fussing!

  The AirCross amazingly can charge your camera while you shoot for endless battery life! (Battery adapter sold seperately.) It also features timelapse technology, mimic motion control from the MOZA wireless thumb controller (sold separately,) 4 filming modes, auto-tuning, and MOZA App assistance. The MOZA App can be used to set parameter adjustments, sensor calibration, gimbal control, mode selection, firmware upgrading, and more!



  MOZA Wireless Controller is available now for $120!