Filmmaker Mr. Cheesycam Shares Review and Footage of MOZA AirCross!

Filmmaker Mr. Cheesycam Shares Review and Footage of MOZA AirCross!


  Filmmaker Mr. Cheesy Cam recently declared MOZA AirCross as his favorite lightweight gimbal! In a new article he states, "The Moza AirCross is lightweight, packs up small, but most importantly has performed flawlessly over the last several months on every project i've used it on. In fact a few of my friends who have tried this gimbal with their GH5 cameras have also opted to switch to the Moza AirCross!"


  He goes on to explain AirCross features, "The Moza AirCross can support payloads of up to 4lbs which is enough for most mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras using native lenses. The AirCross has a 12 hour battery life, but as an option you can power your camera from the gimbal using a dummy battery adapter. Taking it one step further, you can actually power the gimbal from an external 12V battery if you need unlimited runtime."


  "As you switch between a lighter or heavier payload, the Moza AirCross also has built in Auto-Tuning to eliminate any vibration or oscillations normally caused by too little or too much power to the motors. The wireless remote utilizes accelerometers and Gyros. These built in sensors allow the remote/gimbal to mimic the movements of the operator. Just by physically moving the remote you can control Pan, Tilt, and Roll from up to 50 meters away. If you're working with the smaller camera setups (under 4lbs), I see no reason why you shouldn't consider the Moza AirCross."


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