Frequently Asked Questions Added!

Frequently Asked Questions Added!

Have a question about the Crane or other gimbals? Check out our new Frequently Asked Questions page!


Frequently Asked Questions 

How big of a camera and lens can the Zhiyun Crane support?

The Crane can support up to 4 pounds of camera. When rations between camera body mass and lens mass are greater than 1:3, issues with balance or performance may become apparent.


What kind of battery charger is recommend for charging the camera stabilizer’s batteries?

It is recommended to use a dedicated battery charger for longer battery life and quickest charging times.


The Crane camera stabilizer when turned on and camera properly balanced does not hold the gimbal level to the horizon?

If the Crane is not holding the horizon, calibration will be necessary. Connect the Crane to a smartphone, and use the Zhiyun Assistant to calibrate the stabilizer. Follow the steps in setup video to see how to calibrate the Crane in more detail.


The camera rolls or dips to one side when Crane is powered on and moved around?

If the camera is falling to one side, the camera’s center of gravity is too far off. Readjust the camera’s position. For balancing help and tips check out these setup videos.


Camera Connection Interface is not controlling shutter, rec/stop, and zoom?

First turn off the camera and stabilizer. Connect the camera connection cable to the Crane and the camera. Turn on the Crane first, wait, then turn on the camera. If there is still no function check the Crane’s settings with the Zhiyun Assistant App. Using the Zhiyun Assistant App check the firmware on the Crane and update to the newest firmware.


Is the Crane’s Bluetooth on?

When turned on, the Crane will broadcast a Bluetooth signal automatically.


Where is the Zhiyun Assistant App Control?

The Zhiyun Assistant can be found by searching for the Zhiyun Assistant in either iOS or Android Stores.


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