Gimbal Bag

Gimbal Bag

From MOZA to Zhiyun, to DJI Ronin the Gimbal Bag can fit many different models of gimbals . Pick up your Gimbal Bag now, before stock runs out. While supplies last get 50% off the Gimbal Bag. Pictured the Moza Mini-P, Sony A6300, and the Gimbal Bag for $30.95. The Gimbal Bag is the best way to transport your gimbal, and camera.

Find out from Justin Phillip why the Moza Mini-P is the best BTS gimbal. Follow the channel here.

Share your "Parenting Moments" and tag #MOZA for a chance to win a MOZA gimbal.
🎁Prizes: Mini-P, Mini-S, 50% off discount code.
🌞Deadline: 20th June
👇How to participate:

What's inside your camera gear bag? Our Gimbal Bag contains the SmartMike+Moza Air 2Sony A7SII, Nitze Camera CageMOZA SlypodSony A6300 with Sony 16-35mm lens. Get the Gimbal Bag for %50 off, and Somita S416 LED Light on Camera Video Light for $25.95.

An LED Light with 416 LEDs for $25.95. Comes with battery and charger. Ultra lightweight LED Light coming in at 5 ounces, the Somita S416 LED Light on Camera Video Light Featuring the MOZA AirCross 2, Sony A6300.

Featured at CES 2020 in Insta360's booth the Monopole Backpack, the only backpack with a monopole. Pictured with 360 camera the Insta360pro 2. Raise a 360 camera an extra three feet above your shoulders with the Monopole Backpack. Now, your camera can explore the scene from an elevated perspective. Made to order at GimbalGuru.