Guru 360° Air Gimbal Stabilizer Has Arrived!



Gimbal Guru is so happy to announce we finally have received our stock of MOZA Guru 360° Air Gimbal Stabilizers! Thank you for your great patience to those who pre-ordered and know that your shipment is on it's way. We can't wait to see the 360 footage that is about to be created!

  Checkout this new informative video about all the features, capabilities, and specs of the soon to be released Guru 360° Air Gimbal Stabilizer!


  Guru 360° Air is a 3-axis handheld stabilizer designed for professional 360 cameras! This unique gimbal allows a 360 camera to capture smooth 360 video with advanced stabilization technology, industry leading design, and intelligent software such as the MOZA Assistant App. 

Guru 360° Air is a 3-axis handheld stabilizer that features an impressive payload capacity of 3.3lbs making it compatible with a huge range of 360 cameras including the Z CAM S1 Pro, Insta360 Pro, Obsidian Go 360, GoPro Omni 360, and Vuze. Attach it to your 360 camera and drones for endless adventures!


Available Now! Order Guru 360° Air today for $699!