Huge Savings on the Gimbal Bag

Huge massive savings on the Gimbal Bag, only $40.95. Take your gimbal and slypod anywhere with the Gimbal Bag. With the Gimbal Bag you can freely travel from scene to the next location with all your favorite camera accessories. Featuring the SmartMike+MOZA Air 2 with iFocus MSony A6300 with Sony 16-35mm lens, Sony A7SII, Nitze Camera CageSlypodGimbal Bag for $40.95, and Somita S416 LED Light on Camera Video Light.

Use the the SmartMike+ to record ASMR videos and audio with your smartphone. The SmartMike+ is the only Bluetooth wireless lavalier microphone with an audio resolution of 48K, 16bit.

The design problem with smartphone's microphone capsules, is the microphone capsule is designed to only capture the narrow frequency of the human voice, and the recorded audio resolution is very low in comparison to professional audio resolution. The audio from these videos are unable to sonically convey the full impact of the original natural sound. 

The SmartMike+ has an exceptional microphone capsule, comparable to much more expensive professional microphones, like the Blue Yeti, Rode Podmic, Zoom H1. Capture all of nature's sounds, from bird songs to the crashing waves of the oceans with a microphone no bigger than 5 sticks of chewing gum. Get the SmartMike+ for $159. 

An LED Light with 416 LEDs for $25.95. Comes with battery and charger. Ultra lightweight LED Light coming in at 5 ounces, the Somita S416 LED Light on Camera Video Light Featuring the MOZA AirCross 2, Sony A6300.

Featured at CES 2020 in Insta360's booth the Monopole Backpack, the only backpack with a monopole. Pictured with 360 camera the Insta360pro 2. Raise a 360 camera an extra three feet above your shoulders with the Monopole Backpack. Now, your camera can explore the scene from an elevated perspective. Made to order at GimbalGuru.

Pick up the Gimbal Bag for $40.95. Check out our blog to watch a video featuring, fun ways to use the Slypod $499 or Slypod E $299. Pictured Gimbal Bag with AirCross 2, an iFocus M, Sony A6300 with Sony 16-35mm lens.

The SmartMike+ is the only Bluetooth wireless lavalier microphone with an audio resolution of 48K, 16bit. Get the SmartMike+ for $159.