In Depth Video Review of MOZA Air Gimbal Stabilizer by Darren Miles!

In Depth Video Review of MOZA Air Gimbal Stabilizer by Darren Miles!

  Darren Miles just published a new, in depth review of MOZA Air Gimbal Stabilizer.  It begins with an entertaining trampoline test then goes to explore how it compares to Zhiyun Crane, some history of the gimbal, operating specs, features of the accompanying app like timelapse, and then his impressive footage results!   Big thank you to Darren Miles for this incredibly detailed and informative review.   


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MOZA Air is available now! Order today for $599!


  MOZA Air is a lightweight (2.4 lbs/1.1kgs) gimbal stabilizer designed for all mirrorless and most DSLR cameras.

  With a maximum payload of 5.5 lbs(2.5 kgs),  MOZA Air can support the SonyA7 and SonyA6000 line, SonyA99, Panasonic Gh5, Panasonic Gh4, Black Magic 4k, Canon Rebels, Canon 5D MarkIV, Canon 5d MarkIII, Canon 7d MarkII, Nikon D800, Fujifilm XT2, and many more. Basically, if the camera and lens combo comes in at or under 5.5lbs\2.5 kgs you’re good to go!


  MOZA Air offers cinematic freedom that even Zhiyun Crane or Ronin-M can't. With the ability for full 360 barrel shots, MOZA Air lets a user rotate the camera 360 degrees on yaw, tilt, and roll axes making it free to capture 360-degree panoramic videos. Users can also create breathtaking motion timelapse videos effortlessly with MOZA Air and the Assistant App. 

  The MOZA Air can be held in a few different ways: upright and underslung. Switch freely between the two handheld modes or shoot from a variety of different angles. Four filming modes are available: yaw-follow, pitch-follow, yaw-pitch follow, and all-lock. No matter how complicated the shooting scenario, the MOZA Air has the right filming mode for the job!


Order MOZA Air Gimbal Stabilizer today for $599!