Introducing MOZA Air Camera Stabilizer to the Gimbal Guru family!

Introducing MOZA Air Camera Stabilizer to the Gimbal Guru family!



  Let's give a warm welcome to our new product: MOZA Air Camera Stabilizer!
  The Air is designed to support mirrorless cameras weighing up to 5.5 pounds and offers up to 8 hours of battery life. The Air provides camera body and lens specific PID tuning meaning an operator can skip over the difficult learning curve of PID tuning and focus on filming. The MOZA Air kit includes a wireless remote and travel friendly stabilizer support with dual handgrips all for just $599!
  MOZA Air’s ergonomically-designed handgrip fits perfectly into your palm for a more comfortable handheld experience. Now enjoy direct control of your camera and gimbal, simply by operating the handgrip. You can turn your power on or off, switch modes, control the direction of the gimbal, and start or stop recording. When mounted to a tripod, slider, jib, crane, or anything else you have on hand, the MOZA Air can be remotely controlled up to 10 meters.

Features of MOZA Air:

Dual Handle Mode For Better Handheld 
Shooting Experience!

The included dual handle makes the MOZA Air not just a single handheld gimbal. No matter high perspective or low angle shots, lightweight mirrorless camera or a little heavier DSLR, the MOZA Air can adapt to your specific shooting scenario with two 
handheld modes. Your handheld shooting experience is better than ever!


Mountable. Wide Adaptability.

A ¼’’ screw hole at the bottom of the handgrip offers expansion for your device. The gimbal can be mounted to a tripod, slider, jib, crane or anything else with universal connection.

360° Rotation For An Incredible 

The slip-ring technology employed in the motors allows the gimbal to rotate 360 degrees on yaw, tilt, and roll axis settings, pushing the boundaries of your camera's movement. Now your camera can capture 360-degree panoramic videos from an immersive, wide-angle perspective.


Multiple Operation Modes

You can hold the MOZA Air gimbal in two different ways: upright and underslung. Switch freely between the two handheld modes to shoot from different angles. Four follow modes are available: yaw-follow, pitch-follow, yaw-pitch follow, and all-lock. Now your camera can smartly deal with every complicated shooting scenario. The auto-center shooting mode foregoes cumbersome adjustments and maximizes efficiency.


MOZA Assistant App

Simply connect your device via Bluetooth and launch the MOZA Assistant app. You can easily start tracking your shots, shoot motion time-lapse video, adjust parameters, make calibrations, wirelessly control the gimbal movements, and choose shooting modes, just by tapping your mobile or tablet.


Shoot Motion Time-Lapse With MOZA 
Assistant App 

Thanks to the motion control capabilities built in to the MOZA Assistant App, you can create smooth, dynamic time-lapse video on your smartphone or tablet. The humanized interval and duration settings make it easy to shoot the beautiful scene 
of constant changes in air.



Read about even more capabilities and product specs of MOZA Air on! 


MOZA Air Camera Stabilizer will be available late April. Pre-order MOZA Air Camera Stabilizer and the included kit accessories today for just $599!