Make Guru 360 Gimbal Stabilizer Part Of Your Everyday Kit!

Make Guru 360 Gimbal Stabilizer Part Of Your Everyday Kit!


  Sarah Redohl published an in depth review and assessment of Guru 360 Gimbal Stabilizer for The article includes video of stabilized vs unstabilized footage, how she sets up and calibrates, counterweights information, app use, and why Guru 360 has become a staple in her everyday use. Its a great, informative write up with a flare of humor to make for an even better read! Thank you very much to Sarah Redohl! 


Checkout side by side comparisons of stabilizer vs. unstabilized footage.


  Guru 360° is a 3-axis gimbal just for 360 cameras! It features automatic inversion and three filming modes including follow mode for fluid motion, lock mode to lock in each axis, and head lock mode to lock the camera’s lenses in a fixed direction. 

  Unlike other bulky and expensive 360 stabilizers, Guru 360° is affordable and it's small size actually ensures unobstructed view while filming. 

  The Guru 360°'s stability makes stitching for multiple cameras cleaner and reduces artifacting in 360° video. Create a more enjoyable experience by using the Guru 360° to correct unwanted movement, rotation, roll, and horizontal drift. 

  Unique to Guru 360° is that the head and handle can be interchanged with other gimbal heads and handles in the Moza system. This enables you to switch to a smartphone or GoPro when paired with the corresponding gimbal head! 

    The stabilizer is compatible with cameras under 250 grams such as Samsung Gear 360, Nikon Keymission 360, Vuze, Fly360, Garmin Virb 360, Kodak SP360, Kodak Orbit 360, Ricoh Theta S 360, Insta 360, Xiaomi Mijia Sphere 360 and more!