MOZA Air Gimbal Stabilizer and the Gimbal Bag are the picture perfect match!

  Get acquainted with the Moza Air Camera Stabilizer and the new Gimbal Bag! 

  The MOZA Air has a payload of 2.5Kg/5.5lbs, supports many mirrorless and DSLR cameras, rotates 360 degrees and can be controlled via a wireless thumb controller or the app.  Users can start or stop the camera recording from the handgrip control as well as adjust the gimbal movement and switch operation mode. 

  The Air provides camera body and lens specific PID tuning meaning an operator can skip over the difficult learning curve of PID tuning and focus on filming. The MOZA Air kit includes a travel friendly stabilizer support with dual handgrips all for just $599. It will be available in 2 weeks so pre-order now! 


  The Gimbal Bag is the perfect backpack to store your single handheld stabilizer and camera! There are two Velcro straps inside the bag, one for the handle, and one for the camera lens. The dividers are removable. You can even remove all the dividers and just use it as a normal backpack!