MOZA Guru 360° Air Camera Stabilizer Setup Test with Insta360 Pro and a Rover!

 We're excited to present a video of the soon to be released MOZA Guru 360 Air!  The video shows Hugh Hou from Creator Up and Devlin from Gimbal Guru setting up the heavy duty gimbal system and testing it out with Insta360 Pro and also testing it on a home made RC car! 



The Moza Guru 360° Air is a 3-axis handheld stabilizer designed for VR cameras. This unique gimbal allows a 360 camera to capture smooth 360 video. The Moza Guru 360° Air combines advanced stabilization technology, industry leading design, and intelligent software. It offers a 360 filmmaker a tool to create immersive content for the VR world. With an impressive payload capacity of 3.3lbs, the Moza Guru 360° Air works with a huge range of 360 cameras, including the popular Z CAM S1 Pro and Vuze.



Limited stock is left of Guru 360 Air  so pre-order today for $699 before it sells out!