New Firmware Updates for Air 2 and Aircross 2, Get the $15 Discount

Use code "BacktoSchool" to get $15 off the Gimbal Bag. New firmware update for Air 2, and Aircross 2. See below for information about the updated features of the Air 2. Use a gimbal to help you film your favorite Synth Expo, Los Angeles Synth Expo. Match the incredibly powerful Aircross 2 with the epic Lumix S1H. This tiny gimbal can support some large cameras like the Panasonic Lumix S1H or Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. Get the Gimbal Bag for $59.95, which can store both the gimbal, and camera. Create your own Triforce of power with the Gimbal Bag, the new Slypod and, MOZA AirCross 2. The AirCross 2 can support cameras up to 7lbs. Featuring the Sony A7SII, and AirCross 2.

Updated features of the Air 2:

  • Added smart wheel modes for tilt axis, roll axis, and pan axis control. Updated icons for the smart wheel modes.
  • Added a new feature called FPV mode. This feature can follow 360° for all three axes.
  • Improved balance check algorithm. Once completed, the balance check algorithm will display a guide on how to correct the balance of the camera setup.
  • Single press the smart trigger to re-center the camera automatically.
  • Added button functions.
  • Completely revised menu.
  • Optimize camera control.
  • Added record and repeat follow focus movement for iFocus and iFocus M.
  • Added mimic motion control and object tracking function. (MOZA Mater App is needed)
  • Added tripod mode option for Time-lapse to stabilize longer exposures.
  • New motion track recording function. (MOZA Mater App is needed)
    New object tracking function.(MOZA Master APP is needed)
  • Power management system, and optimize voltage usage to extend battery life.