New Mini S, A Friendly Folding Gimbal, MOZA Air 2 Compatibility Chart

The new Mini is a friendly folding gimbal for your smartphone. The Mini S can fit any smartphone. Learn more about the compact Mini S Smartphone Gimbal.

With so many gimbals on the market, it can be confusing to understand the differences. This compatibility chart for the MOZA Air 2 will help you find the right answers. 


Here are a few common questions asked about the MOZA Air 2:

  • Is my camera supported by the MOZA Air 2? 
  • Does the MOZA Air 2 support my camera's focus control?
  • Will the MOZA Air 2 power my camera over USB?
  • Can the MOZA Air 2 control my camera's shutter speed?
  • Does the MOZA Air 2 control my camera's ISO setting? 
  • I have a Canon Camera will the MOZA Air 2 support AV mode?
  • Will my Canon Camera's TV modes be controllable from the MOZA Air 2?