It is Time to get a Camera Stabilizer with Encoders for the Best in Camera Stabilization

It is Time to get a Camera Stabilizer with Encoders for the Best in Camera Stabilization

It is time to get a Camera Stabilizer with encoders for the best in camera stabilization. Easy to Use, Smartphone Compatible, and Camera Shutter Control, the Zhiyun Crane Camera Stabilizer. Featuring Zhiyun Crane, Camera Connection Cable and Sony A7SII with 16-35 lens.

The Camera Connection Cable supports camera manufacturers Sony, Canon, and Panasonic. The Camera Connection Cable allows an operator from the handle of the Crane, control over shutter/rec/stop, and zoom. CCS will be available later this month.

Find out why Darren Miles gave the Zhiyun Crane, a 47.5/50, and his "Highly Recommend" Rating. Quoted from Darren Miles video review of the Zhiyun Crane. THE FINAL WORD: This is the 4th gimbal device that I’ve tested in the last couple of years, and what a difference a couple of years can make - it’s simply astounding how far gimbal devices have come in just 2 years - in terms of price, build, ease of setup and of course results - in fairness, if operated properly, the results that can be achieved with nearly any 3 axis gimbal are astonishingly better than hand holding alone, the differences really come down to price, payload and ease of setup, and that’s where the Zhiyun Crane is simply exemplary!

See what the sunset looks like in 4K running up and down through ocean waves and sandy beach. Check out the Gimbal Guru Youtube Channel for our new 4K videos. Featuring Zhiyun Crane Camera Stabilizer, A7SII with Zeiss 16-35.

Available and shipping out 5 days a week, the amazing Zhiyun Crane from Gimbal Guru for $749.99. Pictured Crane with Sony A7SII 16-35 Zeiss Lens. The Crane is one of the most advanced camera stabilizers on the market with built in encoders for industry leading stability.