Order Soon Stock is Running Out of the Monopole Backpack

Order Soon Stock is Running Out of the Monopole Backpack

Order soon stock is running out of the Monopole Backpack, the only backpack with a height adjustable monopole. Capture a Google Street View or walk the camera around for a virtual tour of a scenic location. Happy Halloween Sale on the Gimbal Bag for $20, keep your gimbal, and camera film ready. Pictured the Monopole Backpack at Insta360's Booth CES2019 with Insta360pro 2, Tiny Planet, Little Planet, 360 Video.

Monopole Backpack at Insta360's Booth CES2019 with Insta360pro 2, Tiny Planet, Little Planet, 360 Video

The Monopole Backpack is the only backpack with a built in 39-inch (99cm) monopole. With plenty of internal storage to pack your 360 camera like the Insta360pro 2, mirrorless camera, storage media, batteries, and other camera gear inside the Monopole Backpack. When you're ready to film mount the camera and extend the monopole. Film a walk through, elevate the camera's field of view, carefully ride a skateboard for a cinematic moving world view using the Monopole Backpack. Order the Monopole Backpack, limited stock. Learn more about the Monopole Backpack by continuing read down the daily blog. Pictured the Monopole BackpackMOZA Air 2, Sony A7SII, Action Camera. 

Pictured the Monopole Backpack with 360 Camera Insta360pro 2 Ocean Sea Google Street view beach day
With the Monopole Backpack there is no need to carry around a tripod or monopole. Tripods or stands for 360 cameras can be easily knocked over due to their undersized base, fall over when placed on uneven ground, or pushed over by gusting winds. Capturing cinematic camera movement with a camera mounted to a tripod is cumbersome and hard to control. When a camera is mounted to a monopole, the cameraman must support the weight of the camera and monopole with their arms. This strain of stabilizing the monopole with just the cameraman's upper body will quickly fatigue the body. When filming with a 360 camera or Action Camera the Monopole Backpack solves the issues of stability, mobility, and operator fatigue. The monopole of the Monopole Backpack is built into the frame of the backpack creating a sturdy, rigid support. Use the bracing of the Monopole Backpack's straps to secure the backpack to the cameraman. By spreading out and transferring the load evenly, the Monopole Backpack reduces the stresses on the cameraman's body. Walk, run, explore the scene with the Monopole Backpack.
Pictured the Monopole Backpack, MOZA Air 2, Sony A7SII, Action Camera.

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Gimbal Bag, MOZA AirCross 2, MOZA iFocusM, Sony A6300, Mirfak Audio N2 Mini Shotgun Microphone