OwlDolly and GimbalGuru Unite for Video Series! Watch Now and Subscribe!

 GimbalGuru and OwlDolly have launched a series of videos focused on operator tips for Camera Stabilizers.

  Testing the Beholder EC1 Camera Stabilizer with the Sony A7SII with In Body Image Stabilization OFF at 120fps. Lens Sony Zeiss 16-35.

  Video Notes: No Post Stabilization Used or Added Frames. 100% straight out of the Sony A7SII. No Dolly used, just an imperfect squishy human running very hard.

  We will be comparing in a future video the benefit of IBIS with a camera stabilizer. Is IBIS necessary for stable footage or distracting?

  A pawsome thank you to Buster for joining us for another video.


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