Righteous Monopole Backpack

Righteous Monopole Backpack

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Have a righteous Monday with the Monopole Backpack and the Insta360 Pro 2. Order the Monopole Backpack, the only backpack with a built in height adjustable monopole.

monopole backpack insta360 pro 2 360 camera

Get 1M+ Views on Google Map:

Learn how to get views as a 360 photographer or a Virtual Tour creator on Google Map by creating the BLUE LINE Google Street View Path. Reach 1.6M views on Google Map in less than 3 months by simply following this method. Using the Labpano Pilot One EE 360 camera and the Monopole Backpack.

Google Street View for Business: Recipe for Success

When mapping uncharted hiking trails and going off the beaten path, a monopole backpack is an affordable and convenient way to capture your Google Street View imagery. Read the full article on Insta360's website. 

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Warning: The Insta360 Titan exceeds the maximum weight capacity of the Monopole Backpack 10lbs/4.5kg. Do not take this risk if you cannot afford the possible consequences. Operating the Monopole Backpack with the Insta360 Titan could lead to the monopole breaking, damage to the camera, and harm the operator. Using the Insta360 Titan with the Monopole Backpack is not at all recommend.

Monopole Backpack Insta360 OneX 2:

Imagine what you can do with the Monopole Backpack:

The Monopole Backpack is the only backpack with a built in 39-inch (99cm) monopole. Use the built in monopole to raise the camera all the way up for an aerial view or keep the camera low to simulate a human perspective (POV Shot). The monopole of the backpack can support up to 10lbs/4.5kg. 

Monopole Backpack

Gudsen MOZA News:
Creatorup presents "Master Canon R5C in VR180: The Ultimate Tutorial Guide & Download Best Camera Settings" with the Slypod Pro.