Slypod E VS Original Slypod, MOZA SALE!

Slypod E VS Original Slypod, MOZA SALE!

The Slypod E is here! Learn from Doubt Me Tech the differences between the Slypod E $299 and the original Slypod $499. Do not miss out on taking advantage of the MOZA Holiday Sale.


Kiss the Sun with MOZA AirCross 2 featuring iFocus M, Sony A6300 with Sony 16-35mm lens. Use the Smartwheel on the AirCross 2 to control an electronic follow focus. Save on the Gimbal Bag now, $40.95. MOZA Air 2 or MOZA AirCross 2 $50 off. Save on the original MOZA AirCross and Mini Mi Smartphone Gimbal

Firmware update for the MOZA Air 2 adds new features such as:

  • FPV Mode Inception
  • Mode 3.0 Mimic Motion Control
  • Object Tracking
  • Motion Track Recording
  • Record and Repeat Follow Focus Movement
  • Quick Button Functions
  • Smart Wheel Modes

Have you updated your MOZA Air 2 to firmware version 1.0.2. Use the MOZA Master App to update your gimbal to the latest firmware and get access to all new features. If you don't know how to update your MOZA Air 2 follow this link to learn how Complete Guide to the MOZA Air 2.

Take your SlypodAir 2/AirCross 2, and camera with the Gimbal Bag. A backpack that allows you to keep your gimbal stowed, and ready to film. Get instant savings on the Gimbal Bag from $55.95 to $40.95. Have a large mirrorless camera or DSLR, the MOZA AirCross 2 is a gimbal that can support big cameras. The AirCross 2 has a payload capacity of 6 pounds. This means the gimbal can handle a decent sized lens and a large bodied mirrorless camera.