Monopolo Backpack with Insta360Pro 2, MOZA Air 2 Compatibility Chart

Check out the new Monopole Backpack with Insta360Pro 2. The Monopole Backpack will allow a user to position their camera 9ft above the ground. This summer use the Monopole Backpack to help your camera explore the beach. Learn more about the new Monopole Backpack.

With so many gimbals on the market, it can be confusing to understand the differences. This compatibility chart for the MOZA Air 2 will help you find the right answers. 


Here are a few common questions asked about the MOZA Air 2:

  • Is my camera supported by the MOZA Air 2? 
  • Does the MOZA Air 2 support my camera's focus control?
  • Will the MOZA Air 2 power my camera over USB?
  • Can the MOZA Air 2 control my camera's shutter speed?
  • Does the MOZA Air 2 control my camera's ISO setting? 
  • I have a Canon Camera will the MOZA Air 2 support AV mode?
  • Will my Canon Camera's TV modes be controllable from the MOZA Air 2?