Top selling gimbal stabilizer Beholder EC1 back in stock and ready to go!

  We are excited to have Beholder EC1 camera stabilizer back in stock! Now film makers and photographers can get their hands on the much sought after stabililzer to capture visions of whatever they please.  We at Gimbal Guru love seeing what customers have created and welcome your submissions to be featured on our blog!
  Beholder EC1 weighs 2.2 pounds, can run for 20 hours, and operates on a whole new level of vibration free stability with 360 degrees of rotation on all three axes.
It has five built in modes, Lock Mode, Pan Follow Mode, Follow Mode, Follow all Axis Mode and Home (return to starting position). Also the EC1 can Point and Lock which means an operator can manually adjust the gimbal and the stabilizer will hold the position. 

Get yours now before stock runs out!

Photo features Sony A7sii camera with 16-35 lens.