VIDEO: Come Swimming With FiFish P3 Underwater Drone In Garraf贸n de Castilla, Isla Mujeres!

VIDEO: Come Swimming With FiFish P3 Underwater Drone In Garraf贸n de Castilla, Isla Mujeres!

馃悹 Come join FiFish P3聽under the sea off the gulf of Mexico in this new video!馃悹 We are diving down just off the shore鈥檚 of Garraf贸n de Castilla. Using the Fifish P3 underwater robot, we get a rare chance to see the true colors of the sea. With Fifish鈥檚 4K camera we can peer below the water to observe tropical fish forage and interact with the environment! Enjoy!

聽TheFIFISH P3 Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle聽from聽QYSEA isequipped with two, 2000-lumen lights, and a 1" CMOS sensor that captures 4K Video/20MP Photographs. This 1" sensor is similar to sensors found in compact digital cameras like Sony RX100 or RX10.聽 The FIFISH can capture video from as deep as 328ft. The FIFISH at 19 x 13 inches is a compact vehicle that can easily fit into a carryon suite case. Also the FIFISH's body is聽rugged enough to handle running into the bottom or bouncing off a wall or boat.

聽 Use the FIFISH for聽commercial videography/photography, inspection of marine equipment, underwater rescue, archaeological observation, diving instruction, or just go for an exciting underwater adventure.

聽 Observe聽the underwater world from a smartphone or small tablet with聽the icluded dual-joystick remote controller. The FIFISH's maximum speed is 3 knots (5ft per second). The battery life聽of the ROV is two hours per charge. The FIFISH聽streams live video at 1080p聽through聽your phone聽using a free app. The vehicle's camera has an ISO rating of 12800, an f/2.8 aperture, and a very wide 162掳 field of view. The controller streams the video signal along the ROV's 328ft tether via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

  • Ultra-wide 162掳 field of view.
  • Fast 2.8 aperture.
  • 20MP 1" CMOS sensor.
  • Captures 4K video.
  • Focus Modes, fixed, macro, and normal.
  • ISO sensitivity 100-12800 for lower-light environments.
  • Eight lens elements in seven groups.
  • Maximum depth 328ft.
  • Tether: 328ft.
  • Three thrusters for top speed of 3 knots (5ft per second).
  • Automatic cruise, fixed depth & underwater suspension.
  • Two-speed mode.
  • Runtime: 2 hours.
Remote Controller
  • Control stick provides seamless control in six directions.
  • High and low speed modes.
  • Adjustable mount for smartphones and tablets up to 7.9inches.
  • Runtime: 5 hours.
  • Two 2000-lumen LED lights.
  • Eight brightness levels.
  • Beam angle 120掳.
  • Color temperature 5500k.

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