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Say Goodbye to Shaky Video

The MOZA Mini MX with "Deep Red" anti-shake algorithm, delivers super-smooth professionally stabilized cinematic footage. Whether walking or running the MOZA Mini MX can handle your style of filmmaking. With a maximum payload capacity of 280g/9.9oz, the MOZA Mini MX makes it easy to film with any sized smartphone.

Streamlined Setup & Camera Control

Traditional gimbal designs have complicated balancing steps. The MOZA Mini MX streamlines setup, so you can balance your smartphone in an instant. Start filming in seconds just connect over Bluetooth, and select a filming mode. The MOZA Mini MX can access control over native smartphone camera functions, making creative control more comfortable.

One-Button Vertical or Horizontal Mode

Triple press the power button to effortlessly switch between horizontal, and vertical filming. Quickly adapt to filming scenes for Instagram or YouTube. The MOZA Mini MX with one-button orientation changing delivers a flexible gimbal platform that can handle spontaneous scenes such as traveling, and or live streaming.

All-in-one Intuitive Controls

The MOZA Mini MX's intuitive control grip has a simplified button layout and functions. Enabling you to skillfully operate the MX one-handed.

Magic Mode (Assistant Director)

Have no idea what to create? Introducing Magic Mode, which has a large number of built-in creative shooting templates to help you produce social or professional videos. Just choose a favorite style, follow the tips, and enjoy your blockbuster.

Always Frame Center

Keep your subject in the center of the frame. Track the tagged subject, and record the event in one take. The MOZA Mini MX is the perfect camera assistant, always keeping your subject centered in the frame.

Smart Gesture Control

Trigger the camera to start recording with the peace sign, and to stop recording make the “stop” hand sign, and your hand into a fist. With Smart Gesture Control you can pose for the shot, flash the peace sign to the camera to active the shutter.

Edit & Share

The MOZA Genie App offers a linier editing system packed with tools normally found on professional editing software. Functions such as Cut, Splice, Paste, Filters, Effects, Transitions, Music, Subtitles, and more. Now your smartphone can become a powerful editing desk with the MOZA Genie App.

Extremely Flexible

The spiral folding design of the MOZA Mini MX allows the gimbal to fit into the palm of your hand, a small handbag, or back pocket. The overall small size of The MOZA Mini MX makes this gimbal, the perfect travel gimbal.

Folded Size: 75x50x170mm, 2.9x1.9x6.6inches. Weight: 412g, 14.5oz

Panorama Mode

Capture breathtaking magnificent panoramic shots with panorama mode.

Slow Motion

Fully reveal the details of movement. With Slow Motion Mode, expose the explosive power of each frame.

Timelapse Mode

Freeze the passage of time. Capture the movements of time as the day transitions to night or the slow blooming of a flower.

Inception Mode

Add dynamic camera movement by rotating the camera 170°.

Sport Gear Mode

When you need to amp up the reaction speed of the gimbal, use sport gear mode. The “Deep Red” algorithm will boost response time.

Vertigo Mode

Quickly zoom into the frame, and zoom out. Vertigo Mode gives you control over zoom speed.

Ergonomic Design

The MOZA Mini MX has an ergonomically designed handle grip. Through experimentation in grip designs, a tilted handle proved to be more comfortable and to reduce arm fatigue.

Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Through in-depth study of common problems content creators experienced with gimbals. The MOZA Mini MX was designed to eliminate any creative roadblock.

Expandable Utility

The 1/4 utility mount on the body of the MX can be connected to a tripod, a telescopic extension pole, and or other accessories.

Battery Life: 24 hours.