MOZA Slypod E

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All in One Motorized Camera Slider
Get creative with the all in one motorized camera slider, the Slypod E. Precise ultra-smooth camera movement with the Slypod E. Capture camera movements such as pushing in towards a subject, sliding the camera horizontally, raising and lowering the camera vertically, and or use it like a jib arm for an over the head shot. The Slypod E can also be used as a monopod. With the MOZA Master App and the Slypod E, a filmmaker can unlock precise control over the camera’s perspective.
More Cinematic Possibilities with the MOZA Ecosystem
The MOZA Slypod E is equipped with a ‘CAN Bus’ which allows the Slypod E to control a camera’s shutter. Combine the Slypod E with a MOZA Gimbal to go multi-axis with programmable camera movement controlled by the MOZA Master App.
Precise Position & Accurate Speed Control
MOZA's “Deep Red” motion control algorithm, ensures a filmmaker has precise control of the camera’s position and accurate speed control of the camera’s movement. For the most demanding shots the MOZA Slypod E delivers smooth perfectly repeatable camera movements.
Power At Your Fingertips 
The Slypod E features motor technology developed from the Mars Rover’s motors. This means the Slypod E is capable of producing 1Nm of torque, enough power to lift vertically a payload of 9kg (20 lbs), and horizontally a payload of 4kg (9 lbs). The motors can accelerate from 0 to 10,000rpm in only 10 microseconds (1/100000s).
Creating Camera Movement Just Became Smarter
Use the MOZA Master App to quickly program precise camera movement by adjusting camera travel distance, speed, and acceleration.
  • Segmentation mode: With each segment control the distance of movement, time taken to move, and direction of movement.
  • The MOZA Master App offers functions such as remote control, creative video, firmware upgrade, quiet mode, and other device settings.
  • The MOZA Master App remote control function allows a filmmaker to turn their smartphone into a touch controlled motion remote. Slide the red operation point up or down to control the Slypod E’s movement.
  • The LED light ring around the Slypod E’s handle can be set to 5 different colors. Customize the color of each status state.
  • The STEP Time-lapse interface creates time-lapses with a new level of perspective. The step time-lapse offers programed control over movement length, duration of each movement, and interval time between programmed movements.
Portable & Easy to Carry
Unlike balky traditional camera sliders. The monopoly design of the Slypod E keeps it portable, and easy to carry as a monopod. Just like any other monopod the Slypod E can be quickly repositioned for the next shot. The MOZA Slypod E comes with a rainproof bag that zips tight to keep your Slypod E and accessories dry. 
Unlimited Power Supply
The Slypod E’s built-in battery has a running time up to 2 hours. For continuous operation the Slypod E can be powered or charged by an external power bank. Recharge the Slypod E with a USB-C cable and never run out of battery!
Weather Proofed & Wear-Resistant Design of the Slypod E
The innovative mechanical design of the MOZA Slypod E, keeps the Slypod E maintenance-free, and free of dust. The aluminum alloy body of the MOZA Slypod E offers high rigidity and strength.
Optional Accessories for Greater Creative Control
Additional accessories are the Wooden Handle, Universal Ball Head, the CAN bus camera cable to control a camera’s shutter.
Size Storage: Length 585mm(grip excluded)
Expanded: Length 996mm Max
Diameter: 54mm
Weight Main Body: 920g
Adapter: 73g
Tripod: 195g
Stand Adapter: 54g
Payload: Vertical 9kg, Horizontal 4Kg
Operating speed: Highest 28mm/s Lowest 0.15mm/s
Operating Voltage: 8.5v-12.6v
Battery Life: 120min
Working Temperature: -10 ℃ - 50 ℃
Communication Interface: Bluetooth 2.4G, Type-C
Battery Model: Lithium-ion Battery
Battery Capacity: 600mAh
Battery Voltage: 11.1V
Charging Port: Type-C USB
Charging Voltage: 5V
Charging Time: 90min