MOZA Guru 360° Camera Stabilizer

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Raise your 360 camera 3ft/1m above your shoulders with the Monopole Backpack, the only backpack with a monopole. Now, your camera can explore the world from an elevated perspective. 

The Guru 360° is the first stabilizer for 360° cameras.

How is the Guru 360° different from other camera stabilizers?

Stabilizing 360° video is key keeping the horizon level and avoiding making the viewer sick from shaky video. The Guru 360° offers unobstructed views for 360° cameras. The problem with the current generation of camera stabilizers is the design of the gimbal. The older gimbal design obstructs the view of the 360° camera due to the position of the tilt and roll motors. The Guru 360° gimbal design ensures 360° cameras have optimal viewing angles with little to barely any of the gimbal's profile visible in the video.

Supported Cameras

The Guru 360° currently supports small compact 360° cameras like

1/4th Mount

On the bottom of the handle, there is a 1/4th mount. This means the stabilizer can be mounted atop a monopole or boom. Use a clamp with a 1/4 mount to attach the Guru 360° to a motorcycle, car, or drone.

Take your viewers along for the journey with the Guru 360° offering 360° camera users a tool to stabilize their 360° adventure. Even cameras with built in stabilization can benefit from a gimbal. This stability makes stitching for multiple cameras cleaner and reduces artifacting in 360° video. Create a more enjoyable experience by using the Guru 360° to correct unwanted movement, rotation, roll, and horizon drift.

Filming Modes

  • Follow
  • Lock
  • Head Lock

The Guru has 3 different filming modes assigned to the 5-way analog joystick built into the handle. These 3 filming modes can be used to capture any type of scene. Use the filming mode, lock mode to lock in each axis, to hold the camera's lenses in a fixed direction. The Guru 360° is the right tool for stabilizing 360° video. 

Battery Life

The battery lasts 4-8 hours and can be recharged from the handle. The small size of the stabilizer ensures its viewable profile is not too obtrusive to the talent or the viewer. When not in use the Guru can be easily stored for travel in a backpack.

Interchangeable Head

An advantage to owning a MOZA stabilizer like the Guru 360° is the MOZA interchangeable gimbal system. This means that the handle and gimbal head of the Guru 360°, Mini-C, and Mini-G are interchangeable. Go from Smartphone to GoPro to 360° Camera with a MOZA stabilizer.

Get the most out of your 360° camera with the Guru 360°, the only stabilizer designed to stabilize 360° video. 

Test 360 video from the Guru 360°, Samsung Gear 360, Kodak PixPro Sp, and more. Note: Watch the video from your Youtube Smartphone App.

Guru 360° Kit

  • Guru 360° Camera Stabilizer.
  • Counter Weights.
  • Adapter plate for Dual Kodak PixPro SP360.
  • Micro USB Battery Holder/Charger.
  • One Battery. 
  • Micro USB Cable.
  • Allen Key.


  • 250 grams maximum payload.
  • 3-Axis stabilization.
  • Battery 3.7 volts 18650, 2600mAh.
  • Tripod mount, 1/4th.
  • Encoder Motors.
  • Guru 360° gimbal head (without counterweights) is  266 grams.
  • Handle (with battery) is 150 grams
  • 1 counterweight is 38 grams.


  • 360 Degrees of free movement.
  • Auto Inversion. 
  • Pre-calibrated.
  • Compact Design, fits in a backpack.
  • 6-hour battery life.
  • Travel friendly.
  • 5-way analog joystick.
  • Simple to Balance.
  • Tool Free.
  • Bluetooth Wireless ios App Control.

Counterweight Setup Diagram

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Technical Support and Repair

  • Personalized customer support and repair based in Los Angeles, CA.


  • One year manufacturer's warranty provided by GimbalGuru.


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