GifPack Customizable LED Backpack Kevin Kunze

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The GifPack a creative, social, innovation on the backpack. The GifPack is a fully functional LED screen, tucked inside a friendly backpack. The LED screen is accessed over wifi using a smartphone app. Upload to the LED screen Gifs, Photos, Sketches, and Animated Text. To power the LED screen simply connect it to a USB power source such as a powerbank or smartphone charger.

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  • Backpack with LED screen.

LED Screen

  • Full Color.
  • 160x160 Pixels. 
  • Powered over USB.

Power Supply is not included. The LED screen can be powered over any usb connection, such as  computer, powerbank, and smartphone charger.

Warning the LED screen is delicate. Please be careful not to over stress or bend the LED screen. Doing so will damage the screen and possibly crack it. Rendering it permanently broken.