MOZA Mini-G GoPro Stabilizer

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MOZA Mini-G GoPro Stabilizer 

  • The MOZA Mini-G is a 3-axis handheld and wearable gimbal designed to support GoPro and Xiaoyi action cameras for extreme sports shooting.
  • A 18650 lithium battery packed in the handgrip provides 3400mAh capacity power source for the gimbal.
  • Built for use with the MOZA Mini 18650 lithium battery.
  • A box to store the 18650 lithium battery.
  • A Micro-USB Cable is used to connect the battery charger, power bank, computer, etc for power source.


360° ROTATION . Unleash Your Creativity!

With our slip-ring technology in each motor, the gimbal is able to rotate 360 degrees on the yaw, tilt, and roll axes with no limits, allowing you to capture 360 degree panoramic videos from an immersive wide-angle perspective. Unleash the potential of your GoPro and explore the world around you with the Mini-G.


WEARABLE. To Wherever You Go

The Mini-G is a portable, professional, handheld, and wearable gimbal that's designed to capture action anywhere, at any time. With a detachable handgrip and wearable kit, it takes versatility to a new level. You can mount it on a bicycle or on-vehicle holder for spectacular extreme sports shots, or wear it on a helmet or anything else for an amazing perspective. The universal connection allows for unlimited possibilities!


INTUITIVE CONTROL via the handgrip

The detachable handgrip is more than just a handlebar. In wearable mode, it serves as a remote controller for a second operator and has a range of up to 10 meters. Featuring a 5-direction joystick, it makes control of the gimbal movements in yaw, tilt, and roll axes easier and more intuitive. With the press of a button, you can change the gimbal orientation, switch to follow mode, or choose among a variety of shooting modes.


EASY SWITCH from handheld to wearable mode.

The Mini-G adopts modular construction and tool-free design that allows the gimbal to detach from the handgrip and attach to the wearable kit quickly with the twist of the adapter ring. The creative quick release system gives you the flexibility to easily transform from handheld to wearable mode.


Multiple Operation Modes for Flexible Shooting

The Mini-G has three handheld and three follow modes. Switch freely among these operation modes to capture stunning videos in any shooting scenario, at any level of complexity. Even better, selfie and time-lapse modes offer a more convenient video production!


3 Handheld Modes

Hold the Mini-G in three different modes: underslung, upright, and horizontal. Now you get the freedom to capture low angle shots or high perspectives.


3 Follow Operation Modes

Just press the handgrip home button to easily switch among three operation modes: yaw-follow, tilt-yaw follow, and all-lock.



Triple press the joystick button. Your GoPro will automatically rotate 180 degrees to enter selfie mode and start action selfie shooting.



Double press on the joystick button, the camera lens will then return to its original position.



The MOZA Assistant App can help you create incredible time-lapse videos. Unleash your creativity in a whole new way!



The Mini-G includes a standby holder, coupled with an AV output, to attach an external monitor or support your phone as a viewfinder. Connect your GoPro to the gimbal to allow for seamless video transmission and real-time viewing of what your camera has captured.


WIDE COMPATIBILITY.Attach to anywhere

At the base of the handgrip is a 1/4"thread mount that makes the Mini-G perfect for use with tripods, sliders, cranes, or anything else with a universal connection, allowing for professional video production.


WIRELESS CONTROL.Bluetooth Connection.

The MOZA Assistant app is all you need to connect, adjust, and control your video production. The built-in Bluetooth module in the gimbal offers wireless connection via your phone or tablet. The multi-functional software features calibration, tuning settings, wireless control of the gimbal movement, options for operation modes, and switching between shooting modes. It also enables you to create time-lapse and panoramic videos for advanced customization.


Massive 8 Hour Battery

The Mini-G gimbal is extremely power-efficient, with up to eight hours of battery life. The built-in 5V USB port offers connection to a power bank that will power your GoPro for as long as you need. Now your projects can run uninterrupted, maximizing your efficiency.



1. MOZA Mini-G Gimbal

2. 18650 Lithium Battery

3. 18650 Battery Charger

4. Battery Box

5. Micro-USB Cable

6. User Manual


 Technical Support and Repair:

  • Personalized customer support and repair based in Los Angeles, CA.


  • One year manufacturer's warranty provided by MOZA.


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