Compass C2 Rover Chassis and Remote

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Get the right solution to help kickstart the development of your own remotely controlled camera dolly system. Hangfa rover chassis are constructed of molded aluminum with a wall thickness of 8mm (0.32inch). Because of the aluminum wall thickness the rover chassis are built like a mini tank, resistant to impacts, punctures, and compression. Due to the robust construction of the chassis making modifications to the chassis is possible. Modifications such as drilling holes on top of the chassis to attach and bolt down a camera stand or modifying the chassis for a battle bots match with a weapon worthy for battle. Hangfa rovers use DC servomotors with a 30W output, delivering impressive torque to the ground. Depending on the rover chassis, it will have 2 to 4 DC servomotors powering the wheels. The chassis can support between 20-30kg (44-66lbs) of payload. As to battery life the rovers have a continuous operation time that is greater than 8 hours. When it comes to speed and maneuverability the Hangfa remote controller offers fine granular control over rover movement and direction. Hangfa chassis are a worthy platform to build your dream remotely operated camera dolly system on. Have a question about which chassis is right for your project, contact us at


    • Structure: aluminum alloy.
    • Dimension: 352.4*370*135mm.
    • Drive wheel: HSL-15 inflatable rubber wheel.
    • Diameter of drive wheel: 152.4mm.
    • Drivetrain: four-wheel independent drive.
    • Suspension: no suspension.
    • Ground Clearance: 42mm.
    • Gross weight: 17kg.
    • Payload: 30kg.
    • Motor type: coreless DC servo motor.
    • Rated power of the motor: 30W.
    • Motor encoder: 500 line/rev, A, B phase output.
    • Motors: 4.
    • Servo driver: supports both CAN bus and RS232 interface.
    • Maximum speed: 1.2m/s
    • Maximum rotation speed: 260°/s
    • Minimum turning radius: 0m, can rotate to any direction from the same spot.
    • Road Surface: concert, wood, carpet, any smooth uniform surface, off road, gravel, etc.
    • Battery life: >8h(load capacity 10KG, moving speed 1m/s, moving rate 70%)
    • Standby time: >30h
    • Supported electrical output: 5V@5A / 12V@5A /battery voltage(35.2~46.2V)@>10A
    • The default specification of The power of insurance tube: 5×20/10A
    • Battery capacity: 24V/7.8Ah lithium-ion battery
    • Battery charger: charger input voltage:AC100V~240V Charging current:5A Interface:direct plug-in
    • Accessories: battery charger, and remote.
    • Warranty: One year parts and labor warranty, customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

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