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The Guru 360° Rover is made to order. Orders take 4-6 weeks to fulfill.

The Guru 360° Rover for camera systems up to 20lbs or 9kg. The Guru 360° Rover moonwalks through the scenery. The rover’s visible profile is unnoticeable to single lens camera and almost invisible to 360 cameras. Think of the Guru 360° Rover as a robotic camera assistant that is always happy to hold the same position, and ready at a moments notice to move when commanded.


Omni-directional Movement

The rover can push or pull regardless of wheel direction, move laterally left or right, rotate 360 degrees in place, and also turn in an arch. To enable such amazing control over movement the Guru 360° Rover uses special mecanum wheels and motor control hardware/software.


Follow, Explore, Create with Minimal Crew Obstructions

This rover is designed to follow actors, roam real estate, wedding cameraman #2, or just explore the environment with minimal crew/equipment obstructions.  How fast is the rover? Expect especially slow crawls, and at full speed a brisk walking pace. The rover has three selectable speed settings from the remote, giving an operator the ability to move at a constant speed. This rover is designed to work closely with the talent, allowing a camera to capture mesmerizing unobstructed points of view.


The Equipment Stand

Use the Guru 360° Rover for a single lens camera or a 360 camera. The rover’s equipment stand is designed to be used in conjunction with the Slypod, or gimbals like the MOZA Air 2 or MOZA Guru 360 Air, along with an isolator, and camera system. To help with ease of transporting the rover from location to location the equipment stand is detachable.


Chassis Equipment Loops

Equipment tie down loops can be found on top of the Guru 360° Rover's chassis. These loops are designed to allow for camera accessories like external batteries to be secured to the rover.


Wireless Control

Communication to the rover is through a wireless remote with a range of almost four football fields (383 Yards, 350 Meters). The remote’s joystick offers fine granular control over rover movement. Feel confident in keeping pace with the scene and matching any change in direction.


Capture Dynamic Points of View 

Enthralling camera movement at your fingertips with the Guru 360° Rover. Use the rover in conjunction with a MOZA gimbal running Mimic Motion Control, and gain ultimate creative control. Use the rover to push the camera into the action, pull back the rover for perspective, and match the dynamic momentum of the scene with the Guru 360° Rover for single lens cameras or 360 cameras.


Test Footages



Rover Chassis Dimensions: 17.7 x 13 x 4.5 inches (45 x 33 x 11.5 cm).

Rover Chassis Weight with batteries: 35 lbs (16 kg).

Equipment Stand: 1.8 lbs, 27.5-29.5 inches, 1.2 x 1.2 inches, top/bottom plates 3.9 x 3.9 inches. 0.8 kg, height 70-75 cm, core 3 x 3 cm, top/bottom plates 10x10 cm.

Payload Rover: 44 lbs (20kg).

Stand Payload: 20lbs (9kg).

Maximum Speed: 0.75m/s.

Maximum Rotation Speed: 215 degrees/s.

Motor Power: 30w Motors.

Quantity of Motors: 4

Motor Type: coreless DC Servo Motor.

Motor Driver: servo driver, supports both CAN bus and RS232 interface.

Battery: 12V, 10.4Ah.

Running time: 10 hours.

Approximately standby time: 30 hours.


Note: adding other equipment such as a gimbal and vibration isolator will reduce the available payload of 20lbs. A MOZA AirCross weight is 2lbs, a vibration isolator weight is 2lbs, in total 4lbs of equipment. Reducing the available payload to 16lbs.


Supported Cameras:

The Guru 360° Rover supports all DSLR cameras and Camcorders.

Larger Cinema Cameras up to 20lbs including lens and supporting camera accessories.

360 Cameras up to 20lbs such as Zcam S1 Pro, Insta360pro, Gopro Omni, Vuze, Obsidian Go, Obsidian R/S.

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Guru 360° Rover

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One year manufacturer's warranty provided by GimbalGuru.



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