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MOZA Mini-S Extendable 
The MOZA Mini-S is a foldable gimbal design that makes the gimbal smaller and easier to store. This new features means the gimbal won't take up valuable space in your camera bag. The Mini-S has a maximum payload of 260g.
Once the smartphone is mounted, the MOZA Mini-S Algorithm can quickly balance the gimbal's 3 axes. No tool special tools required, so you can get to the filmmaking.
Many features are packed into the MOZA Mini-S smartphone gimbal such as, one-button zoom, focus control, and quick look-back (review the last shot). 
Rotate the smartphone clamp to switch from landscape to portrait mode for live streaming. Simple operation and easy to operate design make the MOZA Mini-S the prefect gimbal for every level of filmmaker.
The MOZA Mini-S also contains many more cool shooting modes like, hyper-lapse, slow motion, Inception, sport gear mode, vertigo, and many others modes. With these modes you can quickly develop a creative filming style. The Mini-S will help you create smooth and stable video footage.
To unlock the full potential of the MOZA Mini-S use the MOZA Genie APP. With a simple tap of your finger, the MOZA Genie App offers quick access to gimbal features. 
Influenced by the unique 10-degree lopsided contour of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The ergonomic shape of the MOZA Mini-S offers a comfortable handheld experience that eliminates the worry of your grip slipping.
To fit your lifestyle, MOZA Mini-S comes in two colour styles, Black or White.