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Vlog Anywhere Anytime.

A Comprehensive Mobile Shooting Solution:

The Vlogging Kit includes an extension pole, the Moin L1 Fill Light, a microphone and a tripod. This video kit is perfect for creators whom need a compact and lightweight gear solution for their Smartphone Vlogs. With this quad-force of an extension pole, a fill light, a microphone, and a tripod, you will be will equipped to handle any type of filming environment, and lighting condition. The Vlogging Kit comes with everything you will need to vlog, from live streams, to travel selfies, to home videos, and to outdoor sports.

Extension Pole:

The extension pole can extend up to 695mm (27inches).  With this amount of reach a creator can position their smartphone’s camera to get a wider view of themselves against the background. The extension pole offers creators a wider verity of shooting possibilities for all sorts of perspectives, and camera movement.

Moin L1 Fill Light:

With a Fill Light you can live stream in low light conditions like a nightclub and or more evenly illumine a subject.  The Moin L1 LED's can offer cold or warm light temperatures, at six adjustable brightness levels. By using the Mirfak Light App, creators can adjust the light's characteristics to fit the scene. Use the light’s diffuser to help soften the light hitting a subject, and the colored filters for a creative splash of color.


The microphone, and MOZA Genie noise reduction algorithm help reduce background noise, allowing viewers to more clearly hear spoken dialog. By using this combination of physical, and software design the microphone can more accurately capture sound from the desired source. Lastly the microphone's output can be connected to a 3.5mm microphone jack.

Phone Holder:

The lightweight phone holder can support many different sizes of smartphones. The simple installation makes the Phone Holder a great choice, when you have limited time to setup.

Multiple Shooting Possibilities:

Live Stream & Selfie /Travel /  Outdoor Sports/   Family Videos/ Short Films  / Interviews & Live Concerts

Cold Shoe Extension Bar:

The Cold Shoe Extension Bar has three cold shoe mounts, where the Moin L1 Fill Light, and Microphone can be securely attached. Other camera accessories that mount by way of a cold shoe or hot shoe mount can also be attached.

Professional Video Editing App:

Quickly edit a video using the Vmaker App on your Smartphone, and create a professional looking video in seconds. The Vmaker's user interface is intuitive, with simple operations, massive library of templates, one-click sharing, and more. The Vlogging Kit gives you the right camera gear to help you capture the perfect vlog anywhere at anytime. And with Vmaker App, the power to edit a professional looking video in minutes.

Vlogging Kit includes: 

  • Moin L1 Fill Light
  • Extension Pole
  • Microphone
  • Phone Holder
  • Tripod