Operating the MOZA Guru 360 Air on a drone

Notes on operating the MOZA Guru 360 Air on a drone.

For more reliable stabilization from the gimbal, it is recommended to use the gimbal in filming mode two. To attach the gimbal to the drone first invert the gimbal. It is recommended to attach the gimbal to the drone at two points.

Extremely important do not use a ¼ reducer to attach the gimbal to a drone or any mounting point.

The gimbal’s first mounting point is at the bottom of the handle by way of the 3/8ths mount to a Vibration Isolator Type A M600 from Damperzen.

The gimbal’s second point of contact is a safety cable attached the ¼ mount just below the yaw motor. It is extremely important to have a safety cable attached to the ¼ mount located near the gimbal head. As it is possible for the battery compartment of the handle to separate from the gimbal head or for the 3/8th mount to back off the 3/8th connection to the drone.

Always check the gimbal and camera before and after each flight for potentially loose connections.


Flight characteristics of 360 cameras mounted to the MOZA Guru 360 Air.

The flight characteristics of the Kandao Obsidian S|R cameras is great and can be flown a bit aggressively. The Zcam S1 Pro is one of the heaviest cameras that can be mounted to MOZA Guru 360 Air. When flying Zcam S1 Pro you need to turn very slowly, similar to driving a school bus. The Insta360pro is a little bit lighter and somewhat acronymic but the camera has a fairly high center of gravity. The insta360pro can be flown slightly faster than the Zcam S1 Pro. The Zcam S1 is much lighter and can be flown a bit aggressively.  

Depending on the speed, wind resistance, and type of forces at play, the slower your drone/vehicle moves the better for gimbal stability. At faster speeds the potential to destabilize the gimbal increases.



To provide longer filming times and to reduce camera weight here are recommend solutions to externally powering a 360 camera.

External Camera Power

From the external power supply carefully route the power cable to the camera allowing enough slack in the cable for the gimbal to move freely.


Recommend external power supply for the Insta360pro, and Zcam. The TalentCell Rechargeable 72W 132WH 12V/11000mAh 9V/14500mAh 5V/26400mAh DC Output Lithium Ion Battery Pack.


Squeezing More Torque from the MOZA Guru 360 Air

To squeeze more performance from gimbal by inverting the MOZA Guru 360 Air. Use the force of gravity pulling down on the gimbal/camera to help further stabilize the gimbal.


Note the power cable has a fair amount of slack to allow for gimbal movement.