Compass C1 Rover Chassis and Remote

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  • Omni driven wheel
  • Overall aluminum casting & molding process
  • Inflatable rubber wheel
  • Coreless DC servo motor
  • Servo driver
  • Demo application source code based on STM32F407
  • Driving wheels separately hanged


  • Body structure: aluminum alloy molding whole shape
  • Dimension: 342*370*115.5mm
  • Driving wheel: HSL-15 inflatable rubber wheel
  • Diameter of driving wheel: 152.4mm
  • Drive mode: two-wheel independent drive
  • Suspend kind: driven wheel rocker arm suspension
  • Minimum space between robot to ground: 23mm
  • Gross weight: 14kg
  • Rated load capacity: 20kg
  • Motor type: coreless DC servo motor
  • Rated power of the motor: 30W
  • Motor encoder: 500 line/rev, A, B phase output
  • Quantity of motors: 2
  • Motor driver: servo driver, supporting both CAN bus and RS232 interface
  • Maximum translational speed: 1.2m/s         
  • Maximum rotation speed: 370°/s
  • Minimum turning radius: 0m
  • Adaptive ground: indoor bituminous ground ,concrete ground with little depression
  • Typical duration time: >10h(load capacity 10KG, moving speed 1m/s, moving rate 70%)
  • Standby time: >30h
  • Support electricity output: 5V@5A / 12V@5A /battery voltage(35.2~46.2V)@>10A
  • The default specification of the power of insurance tube: 5×20/10A
  • Battery capacity: 24V/7.8Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Battery charger: charger input voltage:AC100V~240V Charging current:5A Interface:direct plug-in
  • DEMO development board: RHF407development board (CAN×2, RS232×2, TTL×1, RS485×1, SPI×1, I2C×1, USB×1, ADC×8, DAC×2, PWM×8, LED×2, Button×2, IndependenI/O×24, Reusable I/O×29, TF interface×1, RTC battery back seat, ReusableTFT LCD interface×1)
  • Accessories: battery charger and ULB-1ultrasonic sensor×5

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