MOZA WK-The Wearable Kit

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The Wearable Kit as know as the WK. The WK mount is designed to allow the remote mounting of gimbal heads from the Moza interchangeable gimbal head system. When the gimbal head is attached to the WK’s the total height is approximately 7,1/2 inches. With handle and gimbal head the overall height is approximately 12 inches. When compared to the handle and gimbal head the WK offers a much smaller viewable profile. Once the head of the gimbal is attached to the WK, the handle can be used as wireless Bluetooth remote. The WK mount opens up many new possibilities such as mounting the WK to a body harness, moving vehicle, and more.   

Note: Guru 360° head is not included.


  • Guru 360°.
  • Mini-C.
  • Mini-G.


On the bottom of the WK, is a 1/4th mount.


  • Follow
  • Lock
  • Head Lock

The WK has 3 different filming modes. Use lock mode to lock in each axis, so that the camera's lenses are held in a fixed direction. The WK mount is the right partner for stabilizing video. 


The battery lasts up to 4 hours and can be recharged from the USB port.


The advantage to owning a MOZA stabilizer is the MOZA interchangeable gimbal system. This means that the handle and gimbal head of the Guru 360°, Mini-C, and Mini-G are interchangeable.