Zhiyun Bluetooth Remote Control

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Zhiyun Bluetooth Remote Control for Crane Camera Stabilizer 

The Zhiyun Bluetooth Remote Control for the Crane Camera Stabilizer mirrors the functions of the Crane’s built in joystick. The joystick on the remote control has the same analog granular control over the Crane’s movement. A feature only found on the remote control and the Zhiyun Assistant App is the FN/mid position button, which returns the stabilizer to the starting position, leveled to the horizon. The remote control has a range of 30 feet and depending upon obstructions to the signal, possibly greater range. To connect the remote simply power on the Crane. On the face of the remote control, press the FN button in, and turn on the remote to pair. The remote also has a switch to swap control of the Crane between the app or the Bluetooth remote control. The battery will last up to 20 hours and is rechargeable from a Micro USB port.



  • Bluetooth Wireless Remote
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Wrist lanyard

Stabilizer Supported:

  • Zhiyun Crane

Product Reviews:

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  • 20 Hours of Battery Life
  • Range 30 Feet
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Mini USB for Charging

Technical Support and Repair:

  • Personalized customer support and repair from a Guru based in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.


  • One-year manufacturer's warranty provided by Gimbal Guru and Zhiyun


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