Zhiyun Camera Connection Cable

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Zhiyun Camera Connection Cable

Zhiyun Camera Connection Cable for the Crane Camera Stabilizer allows an operator to control camera Shutter, Rec/Stop Video, and Zoom from the handle of the Crane. Pressing the power button on the Crane once will activate the camera’s shutter. Quickly pressing the power button twice will activate record/stop video, and the slider will control zoom. Currently, supported camera manufacturers are Sony and Panasonic (no zoom control Panasonic). The cable connects to the camera and stabilizer by way of a micro USB port. The side of the cable labeled “Gimbal” connects to a micro USB port near the tilt motor and the other end of the cable connects to the camera. To turn on the Camera Control Interface, simply connect the Crane to the Zhiyun Assistant App, update to newest firmware, then under settings select your camera manufacture, and save.  Freely control your camera's shutter without having to remove a hand with the Camera Connection Cable.

How to Use


1. Connect the stabilizer to computer or APP, select "Sony" or "Panasonic" at the "Stabilizer Setting" page, save the setting.

2. Plug the control cable into the camera control interface which is inside the tilt motor (not the handle one).

3. The stabilizer should be powered on before turning on the camera, or the control function will not work.


1. Shutter (focus included): single click the ON/OFF button to take photos.

2. Video: double click the ON/OFF button to start video, double click to exit. 

3. Focus: push the shifter level in "T"/"W" direction (upwards/downwards) to focus.



  • Camera Connection Cable.

Supported Stabilizers:

  • Zhiyun Crane.

Supported Camera Manufactures:

  • Sony.
  • Panasonic (no zoom control).

Product Reviews:

  • Coming Soon.


  • Shutter Control.
  • Record and Stop Video.
  • Control of Zoom.


  • Micro USB.
  • USB to 2.5mm (Panasonic).

 Technical Support and Repair:

  • Personalized customer support and repair from a Guru based in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.


  • One-year manufacturer's warranty provided by Gimbal Guru and Zhiyun.


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