360Hippo.com lists Guru 360 Stabilizer as one of the best gimbals for 360 cameras!

  360Hippo.com named Guru 360° Gimbal Stabilizer as one of the best gimbals for 360 cameras stating that it's "a great gimbal for your smaller 360 cameras...to get the perfect stabilized quality video." 

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  "Motion without limits. 360° panoramic shooting without obstructions. Thanks to the unique design of MOZA mini gimbal motors, the MOZA Guru 360 ensures 360° cameras have unobstructed views and gives freedom to capture smooth videos at any angles.  The 360 camera gimbal supports most compact 360 cameras which weight less than 250 grams. Some 360 cameras that are specifically mentioned are the : 360Fly, Samsung Gear 360, Casio EX-FR200, Ricoh Theta S and SC, LG 360 Cam, Dual Kodak PixPro SP360, Nikon Keymission 360 and many more.

  The MOZA gimbal system is interchangeable with their other gimbals as well. So if you have purchased either the Mini-C or the Mini-G then you can interchange the systems. The interchangeable system gives operators an easy upgrade path to different gimbal heads. The MOZA system is a one stop shop for smartphone, GoPro action camera and even up to 360 cameras.

  This 360 camera gimbal has the capability of 360 degrees rotation on the yaw axes with no limits. You can point the main lens to any position you like. This gimbal for 360 cameras can also be controlled wirelessly on your phone.

  Overall, this is a great gimbal for your smaller 360 camera. It has a lot of great features that a 360 camera gimbal should have. Many reviews have been positive and it is well worth the price to get the perfect stabilized quality video."
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