360Rumors Explores Santa Monica Pier with Guru 360 gimbal stabilizer and Insta360 Nano camera!

  The innovative team at 360Rumors.com have shared an article with a great 360 video of a walk around the Santa Monica Pier using Guru 360 stabilizer and an Insta360 Nano camera! 



In the article, they have this to say about Guru 360:

"The horizon stayed level the whole time and made the video watchable even with me constantly walking around.  There was also that scene with the pirate ship where I purposely swayed left to right, partly to simulate the movement of the ship, but also to test the Guru 360, which performed flawlessly. "


For the full article, click here!


Thank you to 360Rumors.com for the review! Make sure to check them out for updates about all things 360! 


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