Guru 360° Camera Stabilizer Videos: See What Stabilized vs. Unstabilized footage looks like!

   Today we are going to compare what footage using the soon to be released Guru 360° looks like opposed to unstabilized footage. The difference is unmistakable! 

   In the first video displayed,  we use Guru 360° gimbal stabilizer and Richo Theta S 360 camera. Notice the smoothness despite the opposing ocean!  No waves are going to knock this video around! To achieve these results, we use the lock film mode on the Guru 360°. This lock film mode will hold the 360 camera in the same place no matter how the operator moves.


  Here is an example of unstabilized footage with the Samsung Gear 360 and a tripod. 


  What a difference using Guru 360° makes! 

  Guru 360° will be available late February for $349, but Pre-Order now for $299.99!