HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY! Celebrate with Guru 360 by rock climbing with Sasha Digiulian!




Checkout this hair raising 360 video starring Sasha Digiulian, a World Champion Rock Climber. Travel to to Oliana, Spain to experience the first ever 360 rock climbing video, shot with Kodak Pixpro cameras and Guru 360 Gimbal Stabilizer attached to a drone! 


  A huge thank you to Lucas Preti of Coral Climb Productions and La Sportiva for sharing this truly stunning video with us!



¬†Guru 360¬į is a 3-axis gimbal just for 360 cameras! It features automatic inversion and three filming modes including follow mode for fluid motion, lock mode to lock in each axis, and head lock mode to lock the camera‚Äôs lenses in a fixed direction.¬†Unlike other bulky and expensive 360 stabilizers, Guru 360¬į is affordable and it's small size actually ensures unobstructed view while filming.¬†

    The stabilizer is compatible with cameras under 250 grams such as Samsung Gear 360, Nikon Keymission 360, Vuze, Fly360, Garmin Virb 360, Kodak SP360, Kodak Orbit 360, Ricoh Theta S 360, Insta 360, and more!