New Guru 360 review by,  Windows/Android MOZA Software Link

New Guru 360 review by, Windows/Android MOZA Software Link


  We have been loving hearing the feedback from the customers who purchased a new Guru 360 Camera Stabilizer! It's come to our attention that it may be easier to find the MOZA software for those with Apple products. Windows and Android users need not worry! Software for Windows or Android users is easy to find too. Just go to Click on "MOZA Assistant " for either Android or Windows. 

  One of our favorite websites for updates on all things about 360 technology have given Guru 360 an in depth review! published this piece with favorable things to say about our new stabilizer for 360 cameras. Highlights include:


"Compared to other 360 gimbals currently on the market, the Guru 360 is smaller, easier to carry, and is actually affordable to consumers. . .Guru 360 does a great job of keeping the horizon level and made video watchable even with me walking around.   Guru 360 is a very useful peripheral for 360 videos — practically a necessity for moving shots, especially if intended for viewing on a VR headset.  I therefore highly recommend the Guru 360 for anyone who uses a compatible 360 camera. "