Switch from 360° Camera to Smartphone to Gopro with a Moza stabilizer! Watch 360° Video of live music from NAMM 2017!

  Enjoy live performances from the Gibson Booth Showroom at NAMM 2017! Then enjoy live groovy 360° jams from the NAMM 2017 floor with Vintage Vibe Electric Pianos. See 360° video performances from Ocean Park Standoff and more!


Note: for the best 360° video experience watch on the youtube app or chrome browser. 

Watch the video playlist below to see the amazing benefits to using the Guru 360° Stabilizer with a 360° camera. Without a stabilizer, 360° videos become disorientingly hard to watch and output frames contain artifacting from poor stitching. Get the real 360° degree video experience with a stabilizer for your 360° camera with the Guru 360°!

Go from 360° Camera to Smartphone to Gopro with a Moza stabilizer. 

An advantage to owning a Moza stabilizer like the Guru 360°, Mini-C, and Mini-G is the Moza interchangeable gimbal system. This means that the handle and gimbal head of the Guru 360°, Mini-C, and Mini-G are interchangeable. Soon gimbal heads and handles will be sold separately, giving operators an affordable upgrade path to different types of opportunities. As new camera technologies become available, the Moza interchangeable gimbal system will adapt. Proof that the Moza system can adapt to changing camera technology is the Guru 360° stabilizer. Go from Smartphone to Gopro to 360° Camera with a Moza stabilizer.

Pictured is a preproduction model of the Guru 360° with Ricoh Theta S. Actual Guru 360° may differ from what is shown along with specifications/details.

The Guru 360° will be available late February. Order now and get the Guru 360° for the presale price of $299!