Have a Great Friday the 13th, Send us Your Beholder DS1 and MS1 Videos, and Win!

Have a Great Friday the 13th, Send us Your Beholder DS1 and MS1 Videos, and Win!

Have a great friday the 13th with us at the beach. We've been here since last Saturday, we never left. We don't advise using the Beholder DS1 to build sand castles but the DS1 is great for filming their inevitable destruction by the tide. The DS1 doesn't mind the spray of the surf so feel free to follow those waves. Join us, in capturing the drama of world by taking your Beholder DS1 or MS1 on a one day adventure. Pictured DS1 featuring Sony A7SII lens adapter 24mm canon FD with polarizer. The Beholder DS1 is in stock and ready to ship. The Beholder Remote and MS1 will return in two weeks.

Send us your videos and win the new Beholder Dual Grip Stabilizer Support, see rules below.

Discover the best value in camera stabilization with a Beholder DS1 Camera Stabilizer for $699.95 or a Beholder MS1 Camera Stabilizer  $499.95. Order now and get an extra set of batteries.

Want the best in camera stabilization, don't forget to get the best in support for your Beholder DS1 or MS1 from OwlDolly. From repairs to troubleshooting, OwlDolly offers %100 product support. 

Enjoy as we experiment with capturing natural scenery using the Beholder DS1, Sony A7SII, lenses Sony 16-35mm Zeiss, Canon FD 24mm with a polarizer. Filmed in 4K at 24 frames. No post stabilization used.

About the lens changes. The video will start with the Sony 16-35mm Zeiss at 16mm. The Sony is an all around great lens that performs incredibly well and offers a sharp image. At 1:18 the lens switches to the Canon FD 24mm with polarizer. The 24mm is amazing, some might not like the color it adds but it is incredibly captivating.

The video opens with the shipwreck of LA JENELLE. Curious about the ship and how it became a wreck, follow this link. Silver Strand Beach. Be careful out there, adventurers. 

Music by 1215 Music. Tracks In the Depths, Snowy Weather. Check them out on FaceBook

Happy filming. 

Help OwlDolly find a most excellent name for the new Beholder Two Handle Support for DS1 and MS1.  

"Name it, to win it" contest rules:

  • One winner for each category, Best Video, and Best Name.
  • Each video and name entry will be published on the Daily Blog.
  • Contest starts May 2nd, and ends May 30th.
  • The winners will be announced June 3rd.

How to enter "Name it, to win it":

    1. Create a video using a DS1/MS1 for Best Video category.
    2. Include a description of your camera setup with a photo of DS1/MS1 setup with or without you. Feel free to include links to your business/creative sites for the daily blog.
    3. Include a potential name for the new Beholder Two Handle Support for the DS1/MS1, Best Name category.
    4. Email your entry to Sales@OwlDolly.com subject line "Name it, to win it".

 Thank you.

Pictured below is the prototype Beholder Two Handle Support with beholder remote. "Name it, to win it.

While supplies last get some extras with each Beholder Remote starting at $39.95. Included with each remote is four zip ties, and one velcro strap.  


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