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These deals will only last till Oct 5th. Demo the products at the show from Oct 1-2.   Follow this link to access the Next Video Expo Deals, discounted prices can only be found on this page.   GyroSpeed $899, Sale $699. Carbon Fiber Tripod System $999, Sale $799. Cinematics Shoulder Rig $999, Sale $899. Electronic View Finder $240, Sale $220. Clearance.  Roamer Jib $10,000, Sale $7,000. Travel Jib System $599, Sale $499. Microphone Boom Pole TBA Wireless Microphone System TBA Super 35 BMPCC Cage TBA 5 and 7 inch Monitors TBA

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blackmagic gyro stablizer, Exposition Park, gyro stabilizer, Rose Garden -

Did you see the GyroSpeed at the Rose Garden in Exposition Park? Dont worry, OwlDolly has a new video on the way. Check back with us tomorrow.    Dont forget to catch us at Next Video Expo in Pasadena. Oct 1-2. -OwlDolly

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