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Beholder EC1 Camera Stabilizer video from Jay Garnica of Garnica Media Group. Enjoy the holiday spirt of the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden Holiday Show 2016 Christmas Theme. Camera setup is a Beholder EC1 Camera Stabilizer with a (Information coming soon). Watch how, Jay does a great job of controlling camera movement. With the Beholder EC1 camera stabilizer, Jay is able to create some excellent dolly, slider, and jib shots without all that other camera gear. Also a small note, it takes practice and dedication to be this good with a camera stabilizer. Thank you to Jay and GMG for...

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The GyroSpeed is in its final days of production. Keep checking the blog for more updates! We will be at CineGear with a demo.   -OwlDolly

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An OwlDolly sponsored film crew will be documenting this months Critical Mass. The GyroSpeed is perfect for capturing this dynamic event! From stabilizing over the shoulder shots, to chasing fast moving cyclists.    -OwlDolly

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If you are thinking of going to NAB, book your hotel room now, and do not forget you can get in for FREE with the OwlDolly guest code LV2255. Our booth is C2056, located in Central Hall next to the SproKit Stage. NAB is from April 7-10.  Map of the Show  -OwlDolly

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