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Want to know more about the GyroSpeed? This three minute video will cover an Overview of the Stabilizer, Battery Replacement, and How to Setup the BMPCC on the the GyroSpeed. Enjoy!   GyroSpeed demos available at Next Video Expo Oct 1-2.   -OwlDolly

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One of our last videos from BIRTV. Here is footage of the Roamer Jib being used at a wedding in Beijing. The Jib is available for rental with an operator.    -OwlDolly

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OwlDolly is back from BIRTV. In between attending the show, we stopped by a wedding in Beijing to see a 28ft Roamer Jib in action! Footage from the event will be available next week. Shot on a BMPCC, expect extreme color depth. -OwlDolly

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