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Testing has finished on the Mac OS software for the GyroSpeed. Any Mac user running Lion and above can access, upload, and modify the GyroSpeed firmware. GyroSpeed software is based on open source code. Requires Java, a driver, and 8 simple commands in Terminal. There are currently two display models for sale at a discounted price. Contact -OwlDolly    

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Daniel Jankovic owner of Ahava Films, offers personalized private event videography. Have a look at Ahava Films spectacular wedding videos. Daniel's custom rig was based off of a Shoulder Rig with the addition of 18 inch rods, shoulder pad, and counter weight.  -OwlDolly  

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Another exciting Bike Polo video with two very good collisions. Special note there is one discounted GyroSpeed unit available, please email for more information. Please share our FREE guest pass number for NAB LV2255.   -Gyro Stabilizer

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